Flying Spaghetti Monster

Lesser Holidays

May the blessings of His Noodliness be upon you!

His Noodliness The Flying Spaghetti Monster His Noodliness visiting a Chinese palace.

In addition to the High Holidays mentioned last week, there are also several Lesser Holidays in Pastafarianism.

The Unitarian Church of Pasta is proud to tell you about our holidays and traditions!

Lesser Holidays

There are three lesser holidays, and each are a week long. During these weeks, you should endeavor to think about the themes they celebrate as you go about your daily life. You do not have to take time off work, but it is encouraged. It is strongly encouraged if you can teach a child or even an adult something new about the theme of the holiday during your time off.

Science Week

Second Week of July

During science week The Flying Spaghetti Monster hopes that you will take time to learn about some of the great scientists who have helped to advance the human race. Celebrate the lives of thoseā€¦

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